Water Saving Advice

It is a current requirement for pool owners to notify their relevant Water Authority that they have a swimming pool. If the water is drawn from the main supply supplied by a Water Authority, then a meter is expected to be installed. Therefore, pool owners are paying for their water use and will be careful about the consumption.

It is the BSPF’s view that there should be universal water metering in the UK for domestic and non-domestic dwellings (drawing water from a mains supply). During Temporary Water Use Bans, there will be growing demand for all users to conserve water and spa and hot tub owners will be able to demonstrate their willingness to play their part by switching over to some form of (smart) water meter and by following some of the water conservation tips provided by SPATA and / or BISHTA in their members factsheet on this subject.

Consumers will be further encouraged to take up initiatives such as installing pool covers (to reduce evaporation losses) and water conservation and recycling schemes to reduce water demand. It is understood that water companies may acknowledge this and will be less likely to penalise those consumers, that do have possession of a cover.

BISHTA advises its members that during a Temporary Water Use Ban (TUB) that hot tubs can continue to be filled/topped up with a hosepipe. This information is included in a joint statement finalised with Water UK and the Water Companies. 

During a TUB, there are a number of activities including the filling or topping up of existing swimming pools, paddling pools and swim spas that can be prohibited from using a hosepipe, or fixed plumbing, although the use of hand-held containers, such as buckets would still be permissible.

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