Swimming Pool Water Book Launch – PWTAG

PWTAG’s much-anticipated new book was launched on 22 November. The Drayton Manor Hotel in Tamworth was the venue for pool operators to be introduced to the third edition of Swimming Pool Water treatment and quality standards for pools and spas. Over 160 delegates (a sell out) to an all-day launch seminar heard expert speakers – from PWTAG itself and from its industry forum – talk about the importance of the new edition.

And there was a lot to hear about. The new edition is one third longer than the 2009 version. That reflects the need to update and expand the guidance. With the help of PWTAG’s 11-strong membership council and input from the 18 members of its industry forum,  the book has been significantly strengthened. The new material includes:

  • detailed guidance on dealing with the chlorine-resistant protozoan, Cryptosporidium
  • superchlorination – one way of dealing with the threat of cryptosporidiosis
  • comprehensive information on management and training, including the help provided by PWTAG’s code of practice, accredited training and Poolmark
  • detailed information on hydrotherapy pools, including guidelines on baby swimming in warm water pools
  • a totally new chapter on swimming ponds
  • detailed guidance on the sizing of balance tanks
  • the enhanced role of UV treatment – including detailed guidelines on its validation
  • dealing with algae
  • pump economics
  • upgrading pools – making the best of what you’ve got
  • chemical safety – more on spillage; bunding
  • microbiological sampling techniques
  • dealing with the hygiene challenges of pool water play equipment; pool cleaning generally
  • definitive guidance on spa pools
  • birthing pools – what to use and what to avoid
  • the pool in its environment – new horizons.

Work on the new edition started over two years ago and has involved close scrutiny by PWTAG’s expert membership of what was published in 2009. That edition sold 10,000 copies, so PWTAG knew that a new edition would be an important contribution to maintaining high standards in the pool industry. Input from PWTAG’s industry forum, a relatively new development, was important to the new book.

The lively seminar, which PWTAG hopes to repeat, included presentations and discussion on water distribution dynamics, Cryptosporidium,  disinfection, UV validation, hydrotherapy pools – and converting the theory into practice.

Janice Calvert chaired the launch seminar, as she has PWTAG for the last four years. ‘I’m proud to have managed the production of this new edition and grateful to all our colleagues, whose help has been invaluable. PWTAG has a unique role in this large and strangely unregulated industry.  I am confident that we have produced strong guidance, which should serve the industry well in the years to come, alongside our constantly updated online guidance.

Swimming Pool Water: treatment and quality standards for pools and spas (270 pages) costs £65 from www.pwtag.org.uk

BISHTA Members can purchase the book for £55.25 (+PP) directly from the BISHTA Office: 01264 356211