Severe Brain Injury – Rehabilitation

This swim spa has provided an amazing lifeline for these clients. The husband had suffered a severe brain injury in 2007, unable to walk, talk, eat or drink. He spent six hours a day in his wheelchair and nineteen hours in bed, being looked after by a team of carers, finally being discharged home two years after his accident. 

 Refused any hydrotherapy, his wife felt as if her husband had been ‘written off’. After finally being awarded a clinical negligence claim, the couple were able to build their own hydro pool house!

Using the new swim spa has improved the client’s circulation and mobility. It has strengthened his chest and breathing, preventing infections. Not only has the addition of this swim spa provided the couple with motivation and relaxation, but they also share their pool with their large close-knit family, which has really helped to change their life for the better. 

Swim Spa from (BISHTA Members) Hydropool Hot Tubs Ltd