2017 BP&HT AWARDS – Hot Tubs Change Lives

Hot Tubs Change Lives


This category puts the spotlight on the journey of Dayton Smith whose health problems started at birth, when mother Elaine, was rushed in for an emergency caesarian.

Dayton then spent the next seven weeks in intensive care and it was only after a blood transfusion that Dayton was eventually cleared to return to the family home.

However, after a further six months of being in and out of the hospital, parents Jamie & Elaine were told that Dayton had cerebral palsy.

Elaine & Jamie were advised that a hot tub would benefit Dayton and after fundraising, they ordered one from  Hot Tub Suppliers.

Dayton uses his new hot tub 3 to 4 times per week, and the benefits have been fantastic. Jamie remarked “We got told Dayton would never sit or walk, but since using the hot tub, Dayton has gained more control of his head and gained better posture. He can sit for a few seconds unaided and can walk in a special walking frame, all achieved from just six months using the hot tub”.


Gold Award – Hot Tub Suppliers  

This category celebrates the life-changing benefits that hot tubs and spas provide consumers.   This gives us the opportunity to focus on the health benefits of hot tub and spa ownership and how they can make an enormous impact on people’s lives.



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