National Hot Tub Spa Theft Register

Following the recent Hot Tub thefts from Euphoria Lifestyle who had over £50,000 worth of Hot Tubs stolen in five days, BISHTA felt that a national initiative needed to be set in place.

The fast actions from BISHTA helped support BISHTA member, Mike Robinson at Euphoria Lifestyle. When Mike reported the thefts to us, we immediately prepared a press release and emailed it out to Mike’s local press and media. This led to press and social media coverage but most importantly it led to ITV Meridian requesting an interview from the Euphoria Lifestyle showroom in Washington, West Sussex, which was aired the very next day on ITV Meridian primetime news. Just days later thanks to the hard work of the Sussex police and some vigilant members of the public, Mike was delighted to report that three out of the four hot tubs had been recovered.

The fast actions of everyone involved were the key, with this in mind BISHTA have set up the National Hot Tub Spa Theft Register. The reporting system is now LIVE on (News / National Hot Tub Spa Theft Register).

We will be working with PIP next year to promote the register. BISHTA will be publicising this facility for both consumers and BISHTA members to report any hot tub or swim spa thefts in the future. Early next year, BISHTA will then be making the register public on , so that anyone can check the serial number of a ‘potentially’ stolen hot tub and swim spa and work together with BISHTA to help the public and BISHTA members recover their stolen goods.

BISHTA are also in consultation with our committee’s, members and relevant companies to put together updated guidance for members regarding security and theft prevention this information will be shared with BISHTA members in the New Year.