Jack’s Story – (Skin Condition) Ichthyosis

This is an amazing story and an example where a Hot Tub can change lives.
This Hot Tub was installed for a young boy with a serious skin condition Ichthyosis. Ichthyosis a continual and widespread scaling of the skin; also appearing dry and uncomfortable.

 A Microsilk Hot Tub was recommended to Jack’s parent’s by his skin specialist and doctor, to help soothe his skin due to the effect of the Microsilk bubbles, and bathing in warm water. With the help of ‘Georgie’s Gift’ Charity and the BISHTA member involved, he was able to be provided with a Coast Spas Microsilk Hot Tub. His parents have also benefited from this, as when his mother had started suffering from back pain due to having to constantly bend over the bath to bathe Jack while

he was in the bath to peel off his skin. The Hot Tub enables both Jack and his mother to get in the spa, and although it is not a nice experience when Jack has to rinse off the skin, he can at least now enjoy a spa experience complete with waterfalls, lights and music. 

Hot Tub from (BISHTA Members) Award Leisure