Jack’s Story – Cerebral Palsy

Jack is 15 years old and has cerebral palsy severely affecting his muscles which have left him wheelchair bound. Jack’s tranquillity is in water, a place he appears to feel relaxed and full of joy.

The buoyancy the warm water creates combined with the positive sensory impact of the multicoloured LED lights benefits Jack tremendously. His 14ft Swim Spa offers him the most amount of freedom he will ever feel in his life. Jack loves to float in the Swim Spa in the arms of his Mum or Dad, something which is truly heart-warming to see.

The TidalFit EP-14 has 3 fountain jets to the front which shoot water in the air before splashing down. Jack loves being under these fountain jets so he can watch the water stream above his head. 

Having previously responded to hydrotherapy well using an inflatable spa, Jacks parents decided to take the plunge and install a Swim Spa at home. This was a huge decision, which took years of planning with architects and tradesmen. An extension was built to accommodate the Swim Spa as well as a wet room. In the extension, there is a full hoist system acting as a monorail from the house through to the extension. The EP-14 was carefully chosen after several meetings with our company, the Baker family as well as their architect team. During the meetings, we discussed the requirements for ventilation, service access, drainage and most importantly what features would benefit the Baker family. The Swim Spa was a bespoke order made at the factory in Las Vegas which included many beneficial optional extras. An upgraded LED system was installed adding 12 x 2 inch and 1 x 5inch Multi Colour LED’s.

This system creates a spectacular light show which makes the water and the surroundings glow. 28 Helix hydrotherapy jets were fitted to the 3 seats to the rear of the Swim Spa. These patented jets drive deep into the muscle tissue for an unrivalled massage. The Neck Jets sit above the water and when turned on crash against the surface – a noise which Jack seems fascinated by. The EP-14 Swim Spa has redefined family time for the Baker’s and has truly transformed their lives.

Swim Spa from (BISHTA Members) North Spas