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Every week people looking to buy a hot tub, swim spa (exercise pool) or related products and services, visit our website to find BISHTA members who can provide a trusted purchase, products and aftersales services.  

Finding your local member is easy!  You can click on the Where to Buy button or if you are looking for a particular brand, we have provided a list of the brands sold in the UK – where the brands themselves are ‘Full Members’ of BISHTA.  There is a click-through link from each brand that takes you to a list of the members that sell that brand. Please note our ‘Affiliate’ (Retailer) Members may also sell other brands that are not currently listed below.

What is your hot tub’s country of manufacture?

BISHTA members have historically sold products from North America or Europe (including the UK) but some members also source their products from across the world.

Customers buying hot tubs will be keen to get the best hot tub that suits their needs and at a price that fits in with their budget. As there is a large amount of choice available, both in retail stores and online, it is important that customers can make informed decisions about the product they are buying.

BISHTA believes that customers should always be able to make an informed choice about the products they purchase and BISHTA does not endorse or support any companies who seek to mislead customers regarding the products they sell.  Accordingly, BISHTA advises customers to always seek further information (in writing) from the company supplying the hot tubs regarding the exact country of manufacture.

Buying from a BISHTA member will bring peace of mind as BISHTA members work to BISHTA Standards and follow the BISHTA Code of Ethics.