Hot Tub Accessories

Your hot tub experience can be enhanced by a whole galaxy of accessories and aftermarket products designed to make your hot tub life easier, or just a whole lot more fun! For those who prefer not to be able to look up at the stars and are looking for a less alfresco experience, there are a range of purpose-designed hot tub gazebos and buildings available, in a range of materials designed to be sympathetic to any number of environments, be they traditional or contemporary. Some are open sided with roofs which can be lap, tiled or thatched, allowing an experience which is still outdoors, but with overhead protection from direct sunlight in the summer, or worse that mothernature can descend upon us in the autumn and winter. Others are full blown enclosed buildings, usually with provision for a changing area or room, and some big enough for the installation of bars, billiard tables and even home saunas and steam rooms.

For those seeking life in the “great outdoors”, you can still add surrounds incorporating bars, tables, steps, stools, towel trees and privacy panels. Usually C5made in cedar or other weather-resistant timbers, some are also now available in new composite materials, as used in many modern hot tub cabinets. These offer the deceptively convincing look and feel of real wood, yet with the benefit of zero maintenance that even the best of real timbers will inevitably require in time.

Modern hot tub covers are lightweight (yet robust) although their size can make them cumbersome to take off and return for some people, such as the elderly, those with a disability, or children. A number of manufacturers produce add-on cover-lifters, which feature cradles or gas-shocked arms which take the weight of the cover and make it considerably easier to lift on or off the hot tub, whilst also storing the cover up and out of the way (or down behind the hot tub when not in use).

Those who yearn for the sweet smell of success, or any other aroma-induced moods and emotions, should try one of the many fragrances on offer. Usually available in crystal or liquid form, the fragrances are added directly to the hot tub water and come in a bewildering array of scents from the more traditional like citrus or lavender, to the more exotic such as ylang ylang and patchouli. Each scent has differing properties, thus evoking different emotions in the bathers. Some help soothe and relax, whilst others rejuvenate and invigorate. They are not expensive, so it’s easy to buy several and use them at different times depending on your mood Look out too for add-on coloured LED lights and drinks coasters, unbreakable ‘glassware’, towel trees and hooks, products to make cleaning your hot tub less tiresome, hot tub vacuums, floating drinks trays, floating waterproof chess boards and playing cards, swimming fish (yes, they really do look like real fish cruising around in your hot tub)! Steps and grab-rails to aid getting in and out of the hot tub, underwater cushions for the “not-so-tall”, waterproof iPod cases, and, of course, the ubiquitous and must-have rubber duck!

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