Customer Advice When Buying a Hot Tub

BISHTA is the Trade Association for the Spa and Hot Tub manufacturers, importers, retailers, suppliers, service/maintenance engineers and holiday venues hiring out Hot Tubs in the UK. BISHTA and its members want you to enjoy your experience of a Spa or Hot Tub, as you deserve it!

Buying from a BISHTA member, either from their showroom, on their internet site,factshhet C1 or from an exhibition, should ensure that you get the best advice and find the item that you wish to purchase that suits your needs and budget requirements. BISHTA members are suitably trained and experienced to provide you with knowledge about the products and most importantly the water treatment regime that is needed to safely maintain your Spa or Hot Tub. BISHTA members are expected to work to industry standards and to abide by a Code of Ethics, to give you peace of mind.

Sadly there are occasions when customers have bought products from companies that are not BISHTA members, especially on the internet, thinking they are getting a great bargain, only to be totally let down by poor quality products, or shoddy after sales service. In the longer term, this can end up costing even more money as a result of not asking the right questions from the outset.

To assist customers to make informed choices about buying a Spa or Hot Tub, BISHTA and its members recommend that you ask the following questions:

• Make sure you know what you want the Spa or Hot Tub for as this may influence the equipment that you need. For instance, is it for fun, medical reasons or relaxation?

• Confirm what water treatment is required, so that you can be sure that you know how to maintain the water safely. Anyone that does not offer you this water treatment advice should be avoided at all costs, as they may be putting you and your family at risk.

• Clarify what features you will be getting in terms of a number of seats, number and style of jets, entertainment systems available and the manufacturer of the control box (powerpack).

• Some Hot Tubs can be plugged into a socket with a 3 pin plug and may only require a 13 amp fuse, depending on the heater and pump size, so check this very carefully with the retailer/supplier.

• Other Hot Tubs need to be wired into the mains and so you will need to ensure a qualified electrician is able to connect your Spa or Hot Tub to the mains supply. Only a Part P registered/certified electrician should make the installation. Customer Advice When Buying a Hot Tub or Swim Spa The British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association.

• Do not purchase a Hot Tub if the company does not undertake a site survey, otherwise, how do they know that your home can accommodate their product?

• Some internet providers have products that customers may believe to be from one country but are actually from a totally different continent, so check carefully and do not assume a name means that product is from that country!

• If you are unsure if an internet company is going to be reliable, find out where the company is based and go and visit them.

• Ask who the manufacturer of the Hot Tub is and check out their website to clarify where their equipment is actually manufactured, as at least one company we know of may be misleading potential customers by suggesting that their product is manufactured in America when it is actually manufactured in China.

• Ask to see the warranty on offer before you buy as this may vary between products and in some instances it may not actually be offered by the same company, which may cause difficulties.

• Check what arrangements there are for call outs and servicing if anything goes wrong with your purchase, including timescales and costs.

• Before making the purchase, clarify in writing when the product is to be delivered as genuine companies will inform you if there is going to be a delay in receiving your goods. Sometimes genuine companies will need to wait for a full container to be shipped to the UK, while other companies may try and mislead you, so get the details in writing.

• Ask to speak with genuinely satisfied customers and check customer reviews on the internet, but be careful as at least one customer feedback site that we have seen appears to be very suspicious as there is only positive feedback for one company!

• Check if they are BISHTA members as the Association works on behalf of the industry to promote Hot Tub ownership and the promotion of safe spa water.

To find out more about BISHTA contact our office by calling:  +44 (0)1264 356211

Or find your nearest BISHTA member by clicking and searching by postcode, Click Here.

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