Cold Weather – Hot Tub!


The winter months can be cold and cruel to our bodies. However, coming home to a warm pre-heated hot tub can give your mind and body a boost as well and providing excellent health benefits!

Using a hot tub can relax the body and mind, leading to some substantial benefits to improve physical and mental health conditions.

Did you know?

  • The warm water and bubbles reduce the gravitational pull on the body, dilating blood vessels which mean less pressure on the heart, reducing stress and anxiety providing body and mind time to relax.
  • The temperature of the water induces perspiration which assists in ridding the body of impurities and water retention, an excellent way to detox and helps those people who wish to lose weight or those struggling with cellulite.
  • The hot tub jets contribute to helping with aching muscles and back pain.
  • Patients with arthritis find this kind of hydrotherapy especially effective, as the warm water helps with the blood circulation and the lack of gravity in water lets them move around easier. The constant warm water will provide a longer pain relief, compared with a hot bath, as the latter will start to cool down before you feel you are ready to get out of the water.
  • The experience of using a hot tub releases the body’s natural feel-good chemicals called endorphin’s, which will make a person feel happy and relaxed – another factor that will help those suffering from anxiety or depression.

Although many people may have a perception that hot tubs are expensive, they need not come at an enormous expense, with many good quality affordable models on the market.  Hot tubs look great in your garden or your chosen area inside your home; with a variety of gadgets, you can install to make your hot tub the ultimate relaxing experience!

Feeling generous? – A hot tub makes the perfect Christmas gift that you can share with your friends and family when they visit you throughout the seasonal period and all through the year.

The British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) offer advice on the health and wellness benefits of using a hot tub or swim spa during the winter months to ensure the body is kept warm and the mood uplifted, to help people to cope with winter.

Start by visiting for useful factsheets, an owners guide and an easy search tool to find BISHTA trade association approved members who sell hot tubs, swim spas and associated products.


Editors Notes:

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Background: BISHTA, the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association were established in 2001 to ensure that companies engaged in the display and sale of hot tubs are adequately trained in water hygiene management and understand the importance of maintaining these Standards. BISHTA exists to promote high standards of safety, enjoyment and value, by registering suppliers of spas, hot tubs, accessories and water purification products.