Hydrotherapy – Cerebral Palsy

The client’s 13-year-old daughter has Cerebral Palsy and is restricted to a wheelchair. She requires two carers at all times. The swim spa is used every day for her physiotherapy and exercise. The client says it has transformed their daughter’s life, along with the whole family and they believe that through using the swim spa their daughter (with the addition of a buoyancy aid) has for the first time ever, been able to walk. The hydrotherapy sessions have also benefited her interaction with her sisters and other family members.

Welsh Hot Tubs have done a fantastic job of translating all of the client’s needs for health and safety into the build and installation. Welsh Hot Tubs worked with the architects, clients and even the healthcare workers throughout, to ensure every stage and every piece of added equipment had tremendous thought and consideration.

This Swim Spa has transformed this child’s life!

Swim Spa from (BISHTA Members) Welsh Hot Tubs