British Hot Tub Association issues a Nationwide Consumer Safety Alert

There is a growing trend for some online companies supplying hot tubs to mislead consumer purchases, and this can lead to heartbreak, lengthy or unresolved consumer disputes and sadly sometimes safety dangers. Buying from an online marketplace or social media pages also raise concerns. The British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) is alerting consumers of the risks, that the products they are considering buying (or hiring) may not be guaranteed to come from a reputable source. Read more

Splash Down at SPATEX as the 2018 British Pool & Hot Tub Award Winners are revealed!

Winners of the 2018 British Pool & Hot Tub Awards have been revealed at the wet leisure industry gala evening, held during SPATEX at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry (on 30th January) and there was a guest appearance from British former track and field athlete, Sally Gunnell OBE DL. Sally received a standing ovation from the audience, as she remains the only woman ever to hold four major track titles concurrently – Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth. Read more

Swimming Pool Water Book Launch – PWTAG

PWTAG’s much-anticipated new book was launched on 22 November. The Drayton Manor Hotel in Tamworth was the venue for pool operators to be introduced to the third edition of Swimming Pool Water treatment and quality standards for pools and spas. Over 160 delegates (a sell out) to an all-day launch seminar heard expert speakers – from PWTAG itself and from its industry forum – talk about the importance of the new edition. Read more

Let’s talk SPATEX 2018


With anticipation, now counting down the days until the curtain rises on SPATEX 2018 (Tuesday 30th January to Thursday 1st February). The UK’s only dedicated wet leisure show has this week released news of some of the speakers it has lined up for its highly popular double seminar and Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers (ISPE) Workshop programme. It is the Industry’s greatest source of free knowledge with CPD points and certificates of attendance available to all attendees. Read more

Safeguarding Consumers Use of Hot Tubs in Holiday Accommodation


As more people choose to spend their leisure time in the UK and Ireland, there has been a growth in the popularity for installing hot tubs in holiday accommodation, to enhance the visitor experience at these venues. As a guest, it is expected that the room and sheets have been cleaned and changed between guests and the same goes for the water in the hot tub!

Guests expect the standards of their accommodation to be an optimum level, but are they also aware that there are Standards set for the operating and maintenance of hot tubs (and swim spas) in these ‘business’ settings? 
That is where the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) comes in.

BISHTA was established in 2001 to ensure that companies engaged in the display, sale and commercial use of hot tubs are adequately trained in water hygiene management and understand the importance of maintaining these Standards. BISHTA exists to promote high standards of safety, enjoyment and value, by registering suppliers of spas, hot tubs, accessories and water purification products and recruiting holiday accommodation providers with spa and hot tub facilities to join BISHTA.

Recognised by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) and Public Health England (PHE), BISHTA has recently worked in partnership with the HSE in the development of the HSG 282 document which provides guidance on operating and maintaining commercial-type spa-pools and also hot tubs and swim spas used in ‘business’ settings). Along with this work, BISHTA has been initiating plans to give owners and managers of holiday parks and homes, looking to purchase hot tubs for their sites, some specific advice on what is needed for the ‘business use’ of domestic spas (and hot tubs). Leisure companies are invited to join BISHTA so that guests are reassured that their holiday hot tub is maintained to BISHTA standards by a company who have been suitably trained to do so.

BISHTA continues to work with the holiday homes and parks industry to ensure everyone is working towards the recognised guidelines. When you visit a holiday park or home, it is essential that the hot tub equipment meets industry standards and that it is carefully maintained to ensure safe usage. Key issues often revolve around the water treatment regime provided to ensure the water is clean and safe to bathe in, so make sure you ask the site staff how the hot tubs are maintained. Records will need to be kept for over five years, so if you are in any doubt, ask to see the daily records test sheets.

Relaxing in warm, bubbling water is an unrivalled way of unwinding. Enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy adds an exceptional feature to your holiday, enjoying time with family in a holiday hot tub can be a great way of starting the day off with a splash or relaxing together at the end of the day with time to chat while enjoying a dip under the stars! 
For more information on about BISHTA, to download free factsheets or to find holiday accommodation providers who work to BISHTA Standards, visit: