EUSA recognises the best of the best in Europe

Winners of the 2018 European Pool and Spa Awards presented by EUSA at Piscine Global in Lyon, France.

Winners Hosted by the European Union of Swimming Pool and Spa Associations (EUSA), the annual European Pool and Spa Awards celebrate the best of the industry, with award winners from across Europe competing for the highest accolades.

Each year, EUSA holds an awards event to celebrate the fantastic work of their Association members. The European Pool & Spa Awards are annually held at a different pool and spa exhibitions across Europe, and the 2018 event is the sixth time the event has been held. Piscine Global in Lyon, France provided the venue on Wednesday 14th November. Twenty-Six winners were announced in seven award categories from across the current thirteen EUSA member countries. Read more

Water and Electrical courses proving popular with the industry!


With the increasing popularity of spas and hot tubs in the UK, there’s been a need to provide specialist training to those working in this sector. This article takes a close look at two dedicated courses being provided to BISHTA members plus others across the industry.

While it may be true that water and electricity do not mix, training courses on these two important subjects have been proving very popular with the industry in terms of training courses to promote continuing (or continuous) professional development (CPD). Read more

Hot Tubs are great for Business!

Coast Spas Hot Tub by Award Leisure

Having a hot tub as part of a holiday accommodation package is becoming more of a requirement, than an optional extra, as holidaymakers have become more aware of the proven lifestyle and health benefits of exercise and hydrotherapy.

The interest in hot tubs has proliferated, and they have become a very popular internet search term, so investing in them should assist you to increase your bookings and therefore your revenue! Read more

Can a Hot Tub Change Your Life?

Humans have known the health benefits of water and hydrotherapy for centuries, and although we have made countless medical advances in the western world, many people are returning to the proven treatments of the past for good, non-invasive therapies.

Many members of the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) have reported that the popularity of owning a hot tub at home has increased again this year. Hydrotherapy products range from basic inflatable spas to portable hot tubs and even swim spas and exercise pools which can offer hydrotherapy and exercise space, all in one self-contained unit. Read more