Hot Tubs are great for Business!

Having a hot tub as part of a holiday accommodation package is becoming more of a requirement, than an optional extra, as holidaymakers have become more aware of the proven lifestyle and health benefits of exercise and hydrotherapy.

The interest in hot tubs has proliferated, and they have become a very popular internet search term, so investing in them should assist you to increase your bookings and therefore your revenue! Read more

Can a Hot Tub Change Your Life?

Humans have known the health benefits of water and hydrotherapy for centuries, and although we have made countless medical advances in the western world, many people are returning to the proven treatments of the past for good, non-invasive therapies.

Many members of the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) have reported that the popularity of owning a hot tub at home has increased again this year. Hydrotherapy products range from basic inflatable spas to portable hot tubs and even swim spas and exercise pools which can offer hydrotherapy and exercise space, all in one self-contained unit. Read more