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There are a number of reasons which can lead to delays, as BISHTA advises below: 

  • Due to unprecedented demand from consumers, both here in the British Isles and around the World, delivery times for hot tubs and exercise spas have seen a marked increase. There may be delays in fulfilling your order, especially if the hot tub or exercise spa is being shipped overseas. Some companies can manufacture their products in the UK, so check with your supplier where the hot tub or swim/exercise spa is being sourced and what delays they are experiencing.  
  • COVID-19 has left some components needed for hot tubs in short supply (such as jets and control packs), creating manufacturing problems around the World and affecting the delivery times of many products. Some parts of the World are also facing shortages of shipping containers being in the right place (at the right price), causing additional delays. Some price rises are inevitable due to higher costs. These challenges are often outside the control of the suppliers and is a worldwide issue. However, please be reassured that BISHTA members will do their utmost to ensure your product is with you as timely as possible, so make sure that you ask for the real-time period that you can expect to wait when ordering your hot tub or swim/exercise spa.
  • Although this situation is being faced by many reputable dealers and brands in BISHTA membership, please be extra vigilant where companies and their brands are not in BISHTA (and where they are selling via social media platforms and/or online marketplaces only) as it may be difficult to tell if their delays are genuine, or not.
  • Please carry out your normal checks to ensure that the companies have genuine reviews from customers about the hot tub and swim/exercise spas they have purchased.
  • You should expect to be kept informed by your retailer of the progress of your hot tub. They should be in touch with you when it has been manufactured and delivered to them to book an installation date with you, be sure to ask them how they will keep you informed when you are placing your order.

Once you are aware of any delays, you can then complete your order, wait while the product is sourced for you, and begin preparing for when you can sit back and relax in your dream purchase! Click here for more hot tub owner advice. 


BISHTA recommends that bathers use their Hot Tub for 15-minutes and then get out and take a break from the heated water, as well as, staying hydrated by drinking water. This will ensure maximum use of the Hot Tub while enjoying the many health benefits.

BISHTA recommends that you should always shower before using your hot tub; this avoids the introduction of pollutants such as sweat, deodorant, creams and perfumes contaminating the water. The contaminants can reduce water treatment effectiveness and can lead to poor water quality, and the filters may get clogged. 

When applying sunscreen to protect you from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays (especially to the head, neck and shoulders), It is recommended to use a waterproof sunscreen product; remember to follow the sunscreen manufacturer’s instructions for application and protection duration. Bathing for short periods should prevent the possibility of sun damage to your skin, and an easy rule is the hotter the water, the shorter the bathing time. However, in warm weather, the water temperature can be reduced for a cool dip. It is also advisable to wear a hat on sunny days.

After bathing, BISHTA recommends testing the hot tub water for the pH value and sanitiser level and treating the water as required to keep the water clean and clear. The use of sunscreens may require you to clean your hot tub waterline or filters more frequently. Sunscreens can often cause the water to drift out of balance quickly and can cause cloudy water, so it is important to increase filtration cycle durations and pay particular attention to the water balance and sanitiser levels in the hot tub or exercise spas. The use of a water clarifier may be required to help ‘clean the water up’ post bathing if sunscreens are used. You may also need to carry out more frequent water changes as a result of using sunscreens and similar products. Read more here. 

Not usually, however, the installation of a hot tub or swim spa require planning permission, if it is in a conservation area, for instance, or the hot tub is part of a structure in the garden. If there are no restrictions, then you can usually put the equipment anywhere in your garden as long as it is installed on a level, solid base. If in doubt about whether planning is required, check with your local planning office for clarification.

BISHTA would always recommend that you buy a hot tub or swim spa from a reputable company who offer a full delivery and installation service, to avoid any potential issues that may arise.  However, if you have the skills and expertise to install it yourself, BISHTA click here to read our tips.

There are a number of factors that will affect the likely running costs of hot tubs and swim spas, including heat losses and usage. The greater the volume that needs heating, the higher the running costs. Water temperature is typically set between 36°C to 40°C, but in the summer, especially during very hot weather, this might be reduced to make the temperature more comfortable. The higher the water temperature is set, the more energy will be required to maintain it and therefore the higher the running costs. Find our more about the factors that effect running cost here.

If there’s a hosepipe ban, you may still be permitted to fill or top-up your hot tub, but this may have to be with a bucket, rather than a hosepipe.  If there’s a drought order, your new hot tub can be filled during construction, but it can’t be topped up.  We have found that if the hot tub needs to be emptied for good reason, then the water suppliers may allow refilling, but it’s best to contact your water suppliers first. Additionally, your BISHTA contractor can advise on various ways in which water can be conserved.  Past experience shows that, with help, owners are still able to enjoy their Hot Tub when there are water restrictions.

Domestic self-contained spas are usually referred to as ‘hot tubs’ here in the UK, to avoid confusion with the terms “spa” which is usually thought of as some kind of hotel venue where you get pampered! Quite often, people enjoy the benefits of being in warm water at a hotel or fitness club and decide they want to replicate the experience in their own home. Find out more here.

This question and much more can be answered by your local BISHTA Member. To get you started BISHTA has an Owners Manual to point you in the right direction.

Usually between 1-3 months maximum, or more often, if necessary, due to heavy usage. Read more here.

BISHTA currently recommends the use of chlorine, bromine and PHMB to ensure the water is safe. Read more here.

This will vary and so discuss this with your BISHTA dealer, but a good rule is approximately £1.00 – £1.50 per day, but there are a number of factors that could affect this figure, so check with your BISHTA Member.

As with most purchases decisions, you have a wide choice dependent on your requirements, specification and budget. Prices can vary from £2,000 – £22,000