BISHTA (The British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association) has members that are part of the Hot Tub industry and is recognised by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) and the HPA (now Health Protection England).

BISHTA was established in 2001 to ensure that member companies engaged in the display and sale of hot tubs are properly trained in water hygiene management and understand the importance of maintaining these Standards throughout the products life.

BISHTA has a world-renowned team of experts on hand to offer support and assist with issues or any questions.

BISHTA is an organisation established by the industry to maintain the highest standards and to ensure the customer is given the best possible advice.

Why buy from a BISHTA Member?

Because every BISHTA Member has proven skills in water hygiene management and can offer expert advice and service on their products.

Because our Members will answer your questions on what type of hot tub will suit your needs and budget. They will also have a sound knowledge of other key issues, such as the correct water treatment, selection of chemicals, location, access, running costs and a guaranteed after-sales service and support.

Because our Members work to a Code of Ethics, you will be given honest, reliable advice.

The benefits of dealing with a BISHTA Member are:

✔ Purchasing quality products that conform to European Standards

✔ Members that abide by a Code of Ethics to promote fair and responsible trading

✔ Knowledgeable staff who have access to an expert technical advice service, if needed

✔ Members will have undertaken training in water treatment and the handling transport of chemicals to comply with dangerous goods legislation and registration with our own Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

✔ Clear warranties in case of any issues

✔ A thorough after sales service

✔ They will hold a valid Public Liability Insurance Cover There is also freely available, impartial advice from the BISHTA head office (see contact details below).

To find out more about BISHTA contact our office by calling:  +44 (0)1264 356211

Or find your nearest BISHTA member by clicking and searching by postcode, Click Here.

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