Conserving and Saving Water through Environmental Hot Tubbing 

The British and Irish Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) offer advice for conserving water usage, both for environmental reasons, and to minimise costs.

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Hot tubs and swim spas are an oasis of enjoyment and relaxation with many therapeutic benefits through hydrotherapy. All hot tubs have one thing in common – they heat water. The objective is to conserve as much of this heat as possible. Here are a few tips from BISHTA, to point you in the right direction, while you relax and enjoy your hot tub experience.

1. Ensure a water meter is fitted
• Fitting a water meter to monitor hot tub or swim spa usage will ensure that a hot tub owner is aware of the water being used, and also how much they will be paying for it.

2. Ongoing servicing costs less in the long term
• Maintain your hot tub correctly throughout the year. It takes very little time and is inexpensive. However, neglecting it and letting it turn into a swamp, as well as being potentially harmful to bathers, will cost you much more in time and money. It costs more in water usage and additional chemicals to rescue a neglected hot tub than to maintain it throughout the year.

3. Stop any unnecessary water losses
• When using a hosepipe to fill or top the hot tub up, ensure it has a trigger that complies with Water Regulations.
• Perform filter maintenance when required as per manufacturer’s instructions.
• When emptying the hot tub, use the water for other purposes, such as to water your garden. The chemical levels present in hot tub water are maintained at relatively low levels and should, therefore, be safe to use for watering the majority of garden plants. However, if you have any plants that are particularly exotic or delicate, it is good practice to consult with a qualified horticulturalist to seek further information and guidance before using the empty water on these plants.
• As far as is possible, try not to splash the water out of the hot tub, as displaced water will need topping up.
• In the unlikely event of any leaks, get them fixed immediately.

4. Reduce evaporation and save energy
• Keep the cover on at all times the hot tub is not being used.
• Maintain lower water temperatures, especially when the weather is hot. This will also make the water more comfortable for bathers.

Benefits of Hot Tub Usage
A well planned and installed hot tub (or swim spa) will give years of pleasure to you, your family and friends and provides great health and enjoyment. Being the owner of a hot tub (or swim spa) promises a wealth of health benefits, as well as a treat for you and your family. Hot tubs have been used as a source of relaxation in holiday parks and fitness centres all over the world to provide well-being, and by owning your own; this can give you more regular access to these benefits.
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