Can I put the Hot Tub anywhere in my garden?

Yes – so long as the area is flat, and has a solid base. You could also site it indoors, if you had a big enough area like a conservatory or wet room.

What about maintenance?

Your BISHTA expert can tell you all you need to know about water maintenance, purification and filtration.

Could I buy a chemical-free Hot Tub?

Like swimming pools, all Hot Tubs need disinfectant chemicals to maintain a safe bathing environment.  Be very wary about claims that you can run a Hot Tub without chemicals. So far, no-one has come up with anything as effective as chlorine, bromine or PHMB for killing bacteria in water.

Must the Hot Tub be connected to the main water supply?

No. Most people use a hosepipe to fill and top it up, but do not leave the hose in the water whilst doing this, and ensure that you maintain an air gap between the two.

How often should I change the water?

It depends on how frequently you use your Hot Tub and how well it is maintained. Your BISHTA supplier will advise you on the best practice for your particular model, but BISHTA Standards recommend as a broad rule of thumb that you should change the water at least every 12 weeks, but ideally monthly.

Can electricity and water really co-exist safely?

They do in your washing machine and your steam iron. You must have a qualified electrician make the watertight connection to your mains supply, but a competent person can then connect the Hot Tub to this using an RCD. Always consult your BISHTA registered installer about this first.

Does sitting in a Spa really reduce stress and blood pressure?

Many leading medical authorities believe so. They also consider that a Spa or Hot Tub is useful in healing sports injuries, alleviating the symptoms of arthritis and promotes healing after orthopaedic surgery.  But many people simply find that it is a delightfully sensuous luxurious way of enjoying life.

What’s the difference between a Hot Tub and a Jacuzzi?

Hot Tub is a generic term and numerous companies supply them. However, Jacuzzi is a brand name. Jacuzzi has been making Hot Tubs in California since 1968.  These days, they are one of many good brands on offer.

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