The Standards and training set by BISHTA are arguably one of the best in the world. As BISHTA’s logo strapline highlights, the association’s foremost focus is to ‘Promote Safe Hot Tub Standards’ providing consumers with a clear route to buy with confidence from BISHTA members.

To achieve this core focus BISHTA uses a broad range of tasks to meet their ultimate goal, but the most rapid way to see standards rise across the industry is through education.

Hot Tub Site Surveyor – The ‘Hot Tub Site Surveyor’ qualification will provide recognition of customer care, health & safety information, and also the importance of undertaking a site survey as an integral part of the process of selling hot tubs.

Electrical Awareness Workshop  – The course is open to BISHTA members in the first instance, and several companies have chosen to join BISHTA, as a result, to benefit from the relevant knowledge passed on at this course. 

Common Water Hygiene Management Training Syllabus – BISHTA’s Technical Committee has been revising and updating the syllabus to ensure that water hygiene management courses meet the current expectations.  With a total of six tutors trained so far, expect a range of options to be available to you from 2017.

Certified Hot Tub Technician (CHTT) – As an additional training opportunity, BISHTA is currently working with colleagues from the APSP to develop courses in the UK, based on the CHTT syllabus.  Work is ongoing regarding ensuring the course is made specific to the UK audience, and this includes being able to cross reference not only the American standards but also BISHTA Standards and other relevant guidance in the British Isles.  It is hoped to have an update on course availability very soon.

All the above courses are primarily available to members or those companies applying for membership, except for the Water Treatment Training course which is also open to non-members. The Water Treatment Training Course is mandatory for companies wishing to join BISHTA. The above items will be explored in more detail at the BISHTA annual conference on Tuesday 4th October, in Andover. To book your place, please call: 01264 356211